Desserts, Coffee & Teas




Khao Niew Mamuang
Sweet rice flavored with coconut milk, served with slices of ripe mango and dusted with roasted sesame seeds  28

Ly-Chee on Ice
A delectable Asian fruit dripped in syrup, served seedless on ice. A delight to have after a zesty meal  24

Glauy Chuam
Young banana baked in palm sugar, accompanied by savory coconut ice cream  28

Tempura Cheese Cake
Creamy baked cheese cake coated with tempura batter, quick fried to a golden brown crisp and topped with chocolate sauce  30

Tempura Alaska
Vanilla ice cream lightly battered, quick fried and coated in a roasted almond paste  30

Lychee Charlotte
Lychee fruit with Philadelphia cream cheese with a hint of citrus served on a bed of vanilla sponge refreshing with mandarin orange and a lychee compote  28

Green Tea
One scoop  20
Two scoops  24
Three scoops  28

Coconut, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate
One scoop  16
Two scoops  22
Three scoops  24



Café Malay
Smooth coffee with cocoa and honey whipped cream and coconut milk  14

Bajan Planters Coffee
Barbados dark rum with coffee and whipped cream  18

Calypso Coffee
Island rum and Tia Maria with whipped cream  18

Irish Coffee
Traditional Irish Whiskey, coffee and whipped cream  18

Spanish Coffee
with Tia Maria and whipped cream  18

Italian Coffee
Smooth Sambucca liqueur with coffee  18

French Coffee
Flavored with Grand Marnier  18

Espresso/Cappuccino – 12

Assortment of Teas – 12
We choose Twining teas for your pleasure, ask your waiter to show you our selection

Prices are in BDS dollars, inclusive of VAT, DTS  and subject to 10% service charge.

Currency Conversion: USD$1 = BBD$2